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New Booster Rocket
October 18, 2011, 8:11 pm
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For a while now, I’ve been working on a redesign of the Booster Rocket seatpack.  The older design worked well enough, but there were a few, mostly aesthetic, issues I had with it.  The newest iteration is definitely much improved.





The new Booster Rocket has the same capacity as the older design (6 – 11L), maintains a full HDPE frame sheet, but now accommodates for a Thudbuster ST seatpost and features improved compression and attachment points.  It has also lost weight, now down to 12 oz.

Even more soon…



October 14, 2011, 7:55 pm
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It’s been silent around here lately, I know.  There’s good reason.

Naomi, Eli and I have made a move to Victoria, BC.  Many things have drawn us here; milder winters, Naomi’s family, a beautiful house, larger cultural scope, and most importantly…year round cycling!

It was sad to leave all the amazing people we had grown close to in Banff, but this is something we’ve dreamt of for a long while.  It was time…

With a larger workshop, and a new sewing machine in the house, I’m getting back to work.

OD El Gilberto.

Great colors.

Revolution Victoria starts now.

More soon…


Ground Control
September 19, 2011, 6:38 pm
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I’ve had a fair few questions regarding handlebar setups lately, so here’s a little photo treat for ya’s.

Fraternal, in the twin sense, not in the drink-your-face-off sort of way...

Two recent Ground Control handlebar setups, built around Outdoor Research 10L drybags.  The idea is simple; stuff your fluffy junk into the drybag while still cozy at camp, and then slide the drybag into the Ground Control roll bag that stays mounted to the bike.  Roll up the ends.  Load up the add-on accessory pouch with gummy worms and pork rinds.

Badass Black with add-on pouch...

...and without.

Full Custom with add-on pouch...

...and without again.

The velcro strips that wrap around the roll bag are designed for adjustability and the addition of accessories, such as a tent pole sleeve, like this :

'Nother custom job.

Which looks like this all mounted up :

*photo courtesy Dylan Menges*

Still confused?

Snow up in the hills today…


Mission : Organize
August 31, 2011, 11:21 pm
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In an attempt to be more organized and make things easier for all you boys and girls, I’ve FINALLY taken all the photos that have ever graced the pages of this most-awesome blog (and even some that never have!), and dropped them into a proper Flickr page.  You really should check it out.  I have also created a link over in the sidebar of this page.

And since a post is mostly worthless without a photo, peep this:


Now back to work…


August 30, 2011, 12:56 am
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A couple of good ones lately.

More MultiCam.

El Gilberto for a Moots 29er.

As always,


I’m Partial
August 29, 2011, 10:00 pm
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Finally had a chance to build something for myself; a partial frame pack for the Hunter.

Right side. Main compartment opening.

Left side. Flat water-resistant pocket, and mesh accessory pocket.


And on the bike:

Leaves space for both bottles...

...and keeps all the little things tidy. Nice.

Good times, all around.


New looks
August 23, 2011, 8:22 pm
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Nothing hotter than a blue flame.

The old logo was good for the time that it served, but I think it’s time for something, shall we say, ‘more badasser’?

A huge THANK YOU to Dylan Menges, who designed this amazing thing!